Project Summary


Rapid economic developments and political stability in recent decades have resulted in greater prosperity, increased life expectancy and better working conditions in developed regions like Hong Kong. These improvements have, however, been accompanied by the challenges of escalating health-care costs, which are mainly caused by the ageing population. New strategies and methods are needed to control these costs. The proposed project is aiming to improve the efficiency of the traditional healthcare service provision by applying the state-of-the-art communication, wireless, machine intelligence and service automation technologies to develop a new user-friendly telemetry system for medical applications. The realisation of this project will allow the patients and the elderly people to stay at home and send vital personal states such as pulse rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation level, heart sounds, lung sounds and temperature to their doctors. Based on the provided data, the doctors can monitor a large class of patients at their own home, thereby obviating the need for either party traveling and reducing the occupation of valuable beds in hospitals. In addition to the above benefit, the new technology can also meet the life-style of modern society, where individuals tend to travel more often for work and for pleasure, and are more concerned about their own well being. In the project, various previously developed non-invasive biosensors for measuring vital signs will be enhanced for home use and also a new multifunction stethoscope will be developed to diagnose cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders. In order to make the system more user-friendly for non-expert users, a new Plug and Play system will be developed. The proposed system will also provide a pre-diagnosis facility in order to speed up the diagnosis process. Besides the above benefits, the deliverables of the project could be readily converted into a design-intensive high-value-added commercial product in a relatively short duration. This will certainly form a living proof on how the telemedicine and service automation technology can be used in creating innovative products and open up a new profitable sector for Hong Kong industry.



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